A weekend in Brooklyn

August 24, 2016

Holy crap it’s been forever since I’ve posted. It’d be easy to say that I was just so busy but it was more just that I waited too long and then had a hard time coming back. Time to just dive in. A lot has been going on and I’d love to give you some updates.

Our summer has been pretty eventful and fun. I love when it feels like I’m really soaking up all the summer has to offer. In June we traveled to Austin for a friend’s wedding and from there I flew to New York for a Renegade craft show but not for OhSoANTSY. You may have heard but if you haven’t I started spoon carving early this year and I’m pretty excited about it. It worked out perfectly that I could debut them while on my travels. I’ve named the shop Spalted Home. It just opened and there is free shipping until August 31st!

Anyhow here are a few pictures from the trip.

nyc16 park 2 ohsoantsy

I stayed with my friend in Brooklyn and took a very long lovely walk one day into the city to meet my Collective of Us friends.NYC16 park ohsoantsy

nyc16 rose ohsoantsy

My friend took me to her favorite wine shop-isn’t it cute! The best part was drinking it on her rooftop with a view of the city.
nyc16 sugar ohsoantsy

I also got to meet up with a couple of friends from Michigan. It was so fun catching up about things that have happened over the years. Also isn’t it refreshing talking with someone who really understands where you’re from and that you have to explain very little to.
nyc16 jessica ohsoantsy

The day of the craft show. I felt like I belonged in the city slepping my stuff through the subway on a hot day.
nyc16 spalted home ohsoantsy

And of course smiling in the heat while debuting my spoons for the first time. It was a long day but I had a great time getting to chat with people passing by and looking over Manhattan in the distance. We celebrated a day well spent with friends, good food, and of course more wine on the rooftop. I couldn’t have asked for any more. Until next time New York…














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