The New Scrambled Collection

March 23, 2016

It’s finally here! I’m so excited to finally and officially share the new Scrambled Collection.

Scrambled Jessica ring

The Scrambled Collection is all about showing off the people, places and messages you love in a modern way. Share your love while showing off your unique style. Let it be a reminder to you while staying a secret to everyone else.

I love the simplicity of the collection but I also love how there are endless possibilities. The best thing is that no two are alike since all the letters are scattered about.

I’ve separated the collection into the 3 following categories and they both come in rings and necklaces:

  1. Scrambled Names-your own name, lover, best friend, nickname, pet’s name, zodiac, business name, or whatever name means something to you. (Shown Below: Charlotte, Collective of Us, Capricorn, Kitty, Young). Shop the whole collection here.

Scrambled Charlotte neckalce 2 Scrambled collective of us 1
Scrambled Capricorn necklace 1
Scrambled kitty 1 Scrambled young 1


2. Scrambled Places-state, city, neighborhood, lake, island, desert, country, continent, or any other place you can think of. (Shown below: Michigan, Wyoming, Seattle, Detroit, Washington). Shop the new collection here.

Scrambled Michigan neckalce 1 Scrambled wyoming 1 Scrambled Seattle 1 scrambled detroit 1 Scrambled Washington necklace 2

3. Scrambled Messages-I love you, girl boss, wonderful, dreamer, wanderlust, travel, see the world, world traveler, beautiful, wonderful, hell yeah, bad ass, hustle, fuck yeah, coffee lover, cheers, the list goes on. (Shown below: you can do this, girl boss). Check out the new collection!

Scrambled you can do this 1 Scrambled girl boss necklace 2

Thank you so much for taking a look! I would love to know what you’d get scrambled onto a necklace. Let me know in the comments below!

New Collection: Sneak Peek!

March 16, 2016

A few weeks ago I was playing around in the studio trying to get an idea to work. I really didn’t like how it was going so I started playing around with some items near me and one thing led to another and I had an idea. I tried it out and I loved it! I was so excited about the possibilities and I couldn’t wait to share it. Before I got ahead of myself though I had to be smart and think it through so I decided to choose a date to launch the new collection and work back from there.

Scrambled Teaser

Just so you don’t get too antsy the collection launches next week March 23rd and you’ll finally get to see what I’ve been keeping a secret. Are you excited? Do you want to know more?

Scrambled teaser 3

Ok I’m excited too and I can’t keep it all in so I’m giving you a sneak peek. As you can see the collection involves rings. I’ve made a few in the past but never really offered them on my site. At the time they didn’t really seem to fit in. These new ones are a nod to what I currently do and I think they make a perfect addition. And of course all the designs can be purchased in necklace form as well.

Scrambled teaser 4

I don’t want to tell you much more but I do have a task for you while you wait. Think of a word, name, or phrase that is 14 letters long or less that you just love and type it below or write it down somewhere so you don’t forget it. It will all makes sense next week! See you then!


Anatomy of tiny gold Michigan

March 9, 2016

Michigan tiny gold anatomy

In the last Anatomy of post I shared what goes into the World Map Necklace. The tiny gold Michigan is much less complicated but it’s still fun to look at the parts of the whole.

I start out by hand cutting the tiny Michigan out of 14K gold fill. Next it get’s hammered and then I drill the tiny hole for the jump ring. After that I hand sand all the edges (very carefully since it’s so small) before tumbling it to smooth the edges and make it super shiny.

Finally a jump ring is added and it’s hung on the chain. Then I put it on because Michigan is my home state and I can’t get enough. This is actually the one I where almost every single day!

Here is the link if you are looking for a tiny gold necklace of your favorite place. Message me if you are looking for a custom listing.