The New Scrambled Collection

March 23, 2016

It’s finally here! I’m so excited to finally and officially share the new Scrambled Collection.

Scrambled Jessica ring

The Scrambled Collection is all about showing off the people, places and messages you love in a modern way. Share your love while showing off your unique style. Let it be a reminder to you while staying a secret to everyone else.

I love the simplicity of the collection but I also love how there are endless possibilities. The best thing is that no two are alike since all the letters are scattered about.

I’ve separated the collection into the 3 following categories and they both come in rings and necklaces:

  1. Scrambled Names-your own name, lover, best friend, nickname, pet’s name, zodiac, business name, or whatever name means something to you. (Shown Below: Charlotte, Collective of Us, Capricorn, Kitty, Young). Shop the whole collection here.

Scrambled Charlotte neckalce 2 Scrambled collective of us 1
Scrambled Capricorn necklace 1
Scrambled kitty 1 Scrambled young 1


2. Scrambled Places-state, city, neighborhood, lake, island, desert, country, continent, or any other place you can think of. (Shown below: Michigan, Wyoming, Seattle, Detroit, Washington). Shop the new collection here.

Scrambled Michigan neckalce 1 Scrambled wyoming 1 Scrambled Seattle 1 scrambled detroit 1 Scrambled Washington necklace 2

3. Scrambled Messages-I love you, girl boss, wonderful, dreamer, wanderlust, travel, see the world, world traveler, beautiful, wonderful, hell yeah, bad ass, hustle, fuck yeah, coffee lover, cheers, the list goes on. (Shown below: you can do this, girl boss). Check out the new collection!

Scrambled you can do this 1 Scrambled girl boss necklace 2

Thank you so much for taking a look! I would love to know what you’d get scrambled onto a necklace. Let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “The New Scrambled Collection

  1. Kris

    Luv your scrambled collection. I like knowing I’ll have a piece of jewelry that’s literally one of a kind. That’s so cool. This will be my new go to for a super special gift.


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