I’m having a baby! (Very soon)

June 7, 2017

That’s right I’m having a baby! I’m currently 39 weeks along and she-it’s a girl!-could come at any point in the next 3 weeks.


I have no idea I have no idea how I completely forgot to tell you. Well I suppose I sort of can. Sometimes when it comes to super big life changes I can be a little quiet and introspective and I get caught up in all the newness and research and changes and forget to share all the fun details.

How about a quick recap…

First Trimester:

-It went surprisingly well or rather it could have been so much worse! I knew pretty early on I was pregnant and showed up to my first prenatal yoga class at 5 weeks pregnant. It felt like the only place I could really announce yes I am indeed having a baby. There is a lot of isolation in those first few months as you wait until the appropriate week to start sharing the news.

-I managed to sideswipe morning sickness which is why I say it went rather well. I did experience a lot of food aversions and at the exact same time as I was feeling super hungry and a need to eat every hour or so. It was frustrating being so hungry and not wanting to eat a thing. I also remember a really bad aftertaste in my mouth after eating anything.

-Oh yes and I did feel super duper tired all the time. I could hardly get off the couch in the evenings and I would take frequent naps. I also had some pretty intense mood swings that we mostly laugh about now (still having a few so it’s not always funny).

Second Trimester:

-Finally things started to feel a bit more normal. I could wait more than 1 hour between eating things and as long as I started to eat before I was hungry I was good to go. My energy came back and my overall mood improved.

-We went on our baby moon to California and went to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. It was a bit colder and more active than the baby moon of my imagination but it was very us and we had a good time. The only downside was having to pee all the time. Basically every time I stood up and I had to go to the bathroom.

-I also felt quite calm during this time. I was slowing working through my projects and feeling pretty good overall about everything.


Third Trimester:

-I still felt pretty good for most of these last few months.

-I am still going to dance class and walking and for the most part I feel great. I do have a few minor things here and there. My hands hurt during the night and get pretty stiff, I settle in for the night a bit sooner because I get pretty tired after a full day. I am somehow able to only get up about 1 time per night which means I’m sleeping pretty well (something that can’t be said for all of the pregnancy). I’m super thankful too because pretty soon things will look much different.

-That overall calm feeling I had in the second trimester comes and goes, well mostly goes. With the birthing day coming so soon I have a lot more nerves and anxiety about this huge change about to take place. It makes me feel sad, excited, scared, happy, all the feelings and they go back and forth. Some days I’m totally ready and some days I’m just not. I do feel pretty confident that this is a normal way to feel and that brings be comfort.

For now I’m doing my best to do normal things like read, relax, and soak up this last bit of solitude I have before she arrives and stay calm of course. I have no control over when she gets here and there is no point in pretending I do. She can take her time and we will be as ready as anyone can be when she shows up.


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